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Character Education

As a part of our continued focus on Character Education throughout all areas of TAS, we will implement programs from Positive Coaching Alliance, a well-researched; reputable US based organization in all sports teams.

All coaches have completed the Double-Goal Coach certification through Positive Coaching Alliance. A Double Goal Coach’s goal is to create Triple Impact Competitors.These athletes' focus is:

  • Making yourself better
  • Making your teammates better
  • Making the game better

Other than an obvious endeavor for success in terms of score line, we will use the programs tools to ensure that athletes are better individuals, better team mates and honor the game.

Parents should become part of the team culture by also embracing these ideals and can also use the tools to join in this process. You may be interested in the parent section of the PCA website where you can learn more about how to be a Double-Goal Parent!

Fill their Emotional Tank…we have a magic ratio of 5:1. That is 5 positive comments before you can make a criticism of suggestion for improvement. It is important that an athlete’s emotional tank is full. Criticism empties an emotional tank and is not helpful in the progress of any athlete. Advice is normally best coming from the team coach.

The Tree of Mastery – The E.L.M Tree

Effort over Outcome.
Setting an effort goal rewards the athlete regardless of an outcome that they do not have control over. An example is a batter setting the goal to run hard through first base on a grounder, rather than the goal being to beat the throw to first base. Outcome goals can discourage effort. Eventually Effort Goals will begin, over-time, to achieve the desired outcome.
Effort should be rewarded over Outcome.

It is essential that we continue to learn in every practice and in every game. A positive result may come without learning but this is not progress. Learning as an individual and as a team combines to make a stronger team and team culture

All athletes make mistakes – even the pros. Accepting that it is okay to make a mistake and learning to deal with a mistake are important tools in growing as a Double Goal Athlete. Coaches will give students the tools to cope with disappointment and learn from their mistakes.