School Life

Without creativity, socialization, and play, students cannot fully embrace the transformative power of their education. A wide range of creative programs enhances the academic program at Taipei American School. It is our duty to bridge the gap between traditional educational practices and the creative opportunity that give students a different kind of expression. For many students we are a bridge to their fullest expression of self, both creatively and intellectually.

Upcoming School Events

  • August 2015
    • 08-01 Summer Vacation
    • 08-02 Summer Vacation
    • 08-03 Summer Vacation
    • 08-03 TYPA Basketball Camp
    • 08-03 US New Student Placement Exams
    • 08-04 Summer Vacation
    • 08-04 TYPA Basketball Camp
    • 08-04 US New Student Placement Exams
    • 08-05 Summer Vacation
    • 08-05 TYPA Basketball Camp
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