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Hope N.F. Phillips Scholarship Fund

Opening Doors of Opportunity
Taipei American School established the Hope N.F. Phillips Scholarship fund to provide partial scholarships—temporary tuition support—to families experiencing financial difficulties. This allows students who would otherwise have to leave the school because of financial hardship to continue their education at TAS.

The scholarship deservingly bears the name of Hope N.F. Phillips, former teacher, principal, board member, and alumni ambassador at large. This was her dream for many years. Mrs. Phillips, who, in 1998-99, coordinated the 50th Anniversary celebration of the school’s beginning, remains devoted to TAS. Parents, faculty, staff, alumni, and corporations are invited to contribute to this fund. It bears the name of one who had greatly enriched the history of the school as well as the responsibility for ensuring that capable and valued students are able to continue their education at our school.

The long-term goal of the Hope N.F. Phillips Scholarship Fund is to build an income-producing endowment that leaves 20 percent of the balance available for scholarships in any given year.

As an educational institution, it is our responsibility to provide an outstanding education to all who attend. We, too, must be prepared for the unexpected in the lives of our students. The Hope N.F. Phillips Scholarship fund has had and will have a direct impact on the students of Taipei American School now and for generations to come.

By contributing to this needs-based scholarship fund, you embody one of our school’s esteemed values—Kindness. “I am considerate, compassionate and caring.” Please support the Hope N. F. Phillips Scholarship Fund.

If you would like additional information regarding the scholarship fund, which has 501(c)(3) status as a non-profit U.S. foundation, or if you are a current TAS family who might require financial assistance next school year, please contact the development office at development@tas.edu.tw. The application process is strictly confidential.