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Learn with Joy

When students discover their unique potential through learning that is as joyful as it is challenging, they emerge with the courage and character to change the world.


Focused on

Three Divisions - One Community

Learning that is as joyful as it is challenging

We have designed a learning ecosystem, where the program, people, and place align to help our students emerge with the courage and character to change the world. 

KA - Grade 5

Grade 6 - 8

Grade 9 - 12

Programs & Experience

Create your Future

Explore your interests, discover your talents, and pursue passions that are destined to make the world a better place.

Addison M. Class of 2030

I am a ballerina, author, and event planner. 

Justin S. Class of 2028

I am a diver, athlete, and dancer. 

Meet Chloe & Cedric - Class of 2024

We are artists, athletes, global collaborators, musicians, philanthropists, and scientists.


The TAS Experience

A unique school community providing support and opportunities as diverse as our families

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Aquatics Department & Swim Teams

Where Tigers become TigerSharks.

World-class Olympic swimming pool

Taipei American School offers a 25-meter, 7-lane indoor swimming pool equipped with Daktronics timing system, an electronic scoreboard, and specially-designed swimming platforms. It is the perfect place for swimmers of all levels!

Curricular K-5 Swimming Program

With a focus on water familiarization, fundamental skills, stroke development, safety skills and recreational activities, students learn and develop essential aquatic skills. 

Competitive and award-winning MS & US Swim Teams

IASAS Season 2 TAS Swimming at ISKL

The TAS swim teams compete regularly against local schools and in the IASAS competitions, with the 2023 teams bringing home gold and silver medals. 

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The Tech Cube Program

Inspired by an MIT facility, the Solomon Wong Tech Cube provides the canvas for 21st century learning that gives TAS students the necessary skills and experience they need to make a real difference in the world

Advanced Facilities to Advance Students

Middle School Solomon Wong Tech Cube

Built for today’s vision of tomorrow, the Solomon Wong Tech Cube is equipped with advanced equipment and capabilities found in no other high school in the world.  

Room to Learn and Grow

Solomon Wong Tech Cube Lobby and Classrooms

The 4,380 square meters of usable space provides unique opportunities for all of our students. For example, upper school students learn in an electrical engineering lab and design in a fabrication hub on the upper school floors. Highly advanced equipment, currently not found in any other high school lab in the world, is available to our students. The middle school floor houses a VEX arena and robotic design lab, as well as vast open areas for art and innovation. Floor two, dedicated to lower school students, is designed to include "tinker and maker” spaces as well as an amphitheater. T

Dedicated to Problem-Solving

Solomon Wong Tech Cube Engineering

While technology continues to present new and inspiring challenges, the STEAM process of repeated iterations and improvement will always provide the answers. Staying true to our mission of developing students of character who are committed to making the world a better place, the Solomon Wong Tech Cube and our unique Tech Cube program teach our children the value of joy and learning from failure.

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K-12 Chinese Library & Mandarin Program

The Chinese Library provides an excellent collection of materials which support the Mandarin curriculum of Taipei American School and facilitates students to become life-long learners.

The Only Library of Its Kind

Did you know that the TAS Chinese library is the first and only Chinese library with a full-time librarian at an international school in the whole world? 

Over 15,000 Books, eBooks, and Audiobooks

Students, families, and employees can enjoy thousands of literary resources, available in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. 

A Cozy Listening and Learning Space

The presentation space at the Chinese Library at TAS

The Chinese Library offers reading spaces and a classroom space, where students with all levels of Mandarin-language skills can enjoy the collection. 

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Speech, Debate & Model U.N.

Our students have numerous curricular and co-curricular opportunities to participate in public speaking activities including Speech, Debate, Model United Nations, and more.

Teaching Minds that Speak their Minds

Speech and debate imbues future world leaders with critical thinking skills. At TAS, over 130 students participate in Speech & Debate every year. 

Stand Up to Stand Out

Colleges recruiters say one way to stand out in their admissions process is participation and excellence in Speech & Debate. Since the inception of the program, 108 TAS students have qualified for the U.S. National Tournament! 

Modeling Global Harmony

First MS MUN Overseas Conference in 2011

Each year, TASMUN welcomes 600 participants, 180 of whom represent TAS from Grades 5-12, with 23 visiting delegations from Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea and Taiwan. 

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Travel and Learn in the IASAS Conference and Beyond

Our students showcase their talents at the local, national, and international levels, with opportunities for field trips, competitions, and learning throughout Taipei, Taiwan, East Asia and beyond.

Over 40 Years of Global Competition...and Confidence Building!

As a member of the IASAS community, TAS students compete in sports and share their achievements in the arts with like-minded institutions throughout Asia. 

Making Movies to Move Young Minds

Creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and teamwork come together in our fully equipped film studies studio. Our film students have completed 24 films for the IASAS film competitions in the 4 years since its founding, and the film students travel to New York each year to take part in the All-American Film Festival.

A World of Opportunities

Events and competitions like IASAS Athletics tournaments, IASAS MUN and the IASAS Cultural Convention bring our students to the world, and our world to the students.  

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A Supportive Community that Prioritizes DEIJ & Well-being

Student health and well-being is our number one priority. At TAS, we believe that a supportive, safe, and caring environment is the foundation that all students deserve, and it forms the bedrock of our mission statement. Every area of student life features an intentional plan to support our students' well-being and confident identity formation.

Prioritizing Balance and Well-being

Our learning community extends beyond our students! Parents, alumni, and employees join in regular conversations about wellbeing, DEIJ, and other important topics. 

Dedicated Discussions and Opportunities to Share

From our Director of Inclusion and Wellbeing to our Academic and Personal Counselors, parents have regular opportunities to learn about how education is evolving and how to support their children.   

Hands-on Workshops and a Repository of Resources

Tiger parents are welcomed to campus for workshops offered at different times of the day. Can't make it? We record as many of our presentations and workshops as possible for you to review later! 

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A Campus Designed for Athletes of All Ages

Tigers need room to play and grow - and that's doubly true for our Tiger Athletes. With almost 1,000 Tiger athletes participating in our middle and upper school competitive programs, our sprawling 15-acre campus serves 13 different sports (not including informal sports taught during P.E. classes!).

Hear Us Roar!

Whether on the pitch, the court, or the field, our student athletes connect with themselves and with other students.  

Teamwork and Technique Taught by Caring Coaches

Our students know that our community of over 100 coaches are proud to see them develop as athletes. We value our team connection and commitment! 

Fantastic Facilities for a Fabulous Experience

From indoor tennis courts, two basketball courts, a baseball field, a soccer field, and even a golf drive, TAS has the facilities for student athletes to thrive as they practice!  

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Outdoors Education and Trips

In line with our missions' emphasis on personal well-being, all children in our Lower and Middle Schools experience a curricular outdoors education program at "Camp Taiwan" for our Lower School students and at three different camps for our Middle School students.

Upper School Travel

While the Upper School does not go to a curricular camp in the same way, almost all students travel abroad for a curricular or co-curricular program by the time they graduate - and some travel more than once every year depending on their interests and passions!

Lower School Camp Taiwan

This is the highlight of many students' Lower School journey. Starting in Grade 3, students travel to Camp Taiwan with their friends and trusted teachers. For many students, this is their first experience away from home and their first time exploring the beautiful countryside of Taiwan.

Middle School Camps Throughout Taiwan

After transitioning into the Middle School, we know our Tigers are experienced campers - so we challenge them with new locations and experiences at three different locations in Taiwan. All trips feature advisory bonding experiences, leadership development, and service projects as a way to align the trips with our mission and values.

Community Connections

Once a Tiger, 
Always a Tiger

Our students, employees, parents, and alumni stay connected with one another and the school through a love of this unique community and the memories we've made together.

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Class of 2004

“Working at TAS is just like coming home.

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Learn About

Hear From

Hear From

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Class of 2017

“Meeting another TAS alum out in the world is like discovering a bond.”

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Learn About

Hear From

Hear From

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Class of 2013

“I loved my time at TAS, and I tell people that unashamedly.”

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Learn About

Hear From

Hear From

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Class of 2006

Before TAS, I thought if I couldn’t change how I looked on the outside, I would change who I was on the inside to belong somewhere.”

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Learn About

Hear From

Hear From

Global Education for Global Destinations

Here is a recent selection of 20 of our Tigers' learning destinations beyond Taipei American School. We are so proud of our graduates!