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About Us

Our Mission, Values & Beliefs

Seven Decades of Supporting Students   

Since 1949, Taipei American School (TAS) has been one of Asia’s top independent schools, delivering an American-based education with a global perspective.

Students from pre-kindergarten (KA) through Grade 12 from the expatriate community in Taipei attend TAS, an English-language-based school in Taipei, Taiwan.    

But it isn’t who we are; it’s what we believe that’s most important:

We believe true success is leading a joyful life with purpose.

Our mission and values drive an educational experience centered on lifelong learning, personal well-being, and impactful service. We know that those who are anchored in these principles lead lives filled with joy, purpose, and excellence in their chosen paths.

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Welcome to Our Dynamic, Multicultural Community

Hear from our community's Interim Head of School, Ms. Evelyne Estey, as she describes the Taipei American School experience in her own words.

Our Mission

Taipei American School’s mission is to cultivate an enduring commitment to learning, personal well-being, and service. 

We provide a broad American-based education with a global perspective that develops students of character who are committed to making the world a better place. 


Our Beliefs & Values

We believe that true success is leading a joyful life with purpose.

We strive to nurture students to cultivate a compassionate worldview, discover their interests, and realize that personal happiness and well-being are essential to all their achievements. Our curriculum allows learners to personalize coursework to their individual learning goals while reinforcing our community's shared values of Honesty, Kindness, Respect, Courage, and Responsibility.

Our Learning Outcomes

Through instruction that is as joyful as it is challenging, students discover their unique potential and emerge with the courage and character to change the world for the better. 

Taipei American School's schoolwide learning outcomes outline the foundational skills and values each student should acquire and embody throughout their educational journey. These outcomes serve as a compass, ensuring students develop holistically, excelling academically and personally within a global context.

Find out more about TAS's newly revised schoolwide learning outcomes.

Driven by Values

Our entire community of learners – including faculty, staff, administrators, families, and students – cherish and strive to live according to the following values.  

Mission Definitions at TAS

When we say MISSION, what does that really mean?

With the recent revision of TAS’ mission in 2021, a key goal for SY 2022-23 was to energize the school community around developing a shared understanding of the mission and the ways in which TAS’s mission is achieved through programs, practices, and policies across the school. Through multiple workshops and focus groups with faculty, students, and parents, a collective understanding was developed surrounding what it means to be a mission-driven organization and why this is important. Using feedback from the various stakeholder groups in combination with current educational research, definitions and accompanying indicators were developed for each keyword and phrase within the mission.


Noun; ˈlɝː.nɪŋ

Learning  is defined as a process driven by curiosity and experiences through which 
understanding is constructed by developing and applying knowledge, skills, attitudes, 
values, and perspectives.

Personal Well-being

Noun; pur-suh-nl Ëˆwɛlˈbi ɪŋ 

Personal well-being is defined as mental, physical, social, and emotional health that fosters a sense of purpose, fulfillment, growth, and belonging.


Noun; ˈsɜː.vɪs

Service is defined as planned activities, including service learning and community 
service, designed to build authentic relationships, empathy, and respect while 
meeting community needs.

Broad American-Based Education with a Global Perspective


This is defined as combining educational standards and benchmarks from the United States with an understanding of and appreciation for global cultures, societies, and perspectives.

Develops Students of Character


This is defined as understanding, recognizing, and demonstrating the TAS values in and outside of school.

Making the World a Better Place


This is defined as taking purposeful actions that have positive impacts on communities.

Discover More

If this sounds like the type of education you want for your child or the kind of learning community you wish to join, we invite you to explore the people, places, and programs that help us foster our definition of success for every student on our campus.

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