At a Glance

1 Student

"I like TAS because everything around us is so incredible and the people here are so welcoming and really allow you to just be yourself. There will be everlasting friendships made out of this and I'm so glad that we all get to share in this and be a part of it." - Middle School Student

1 Parent

"As a parent of five students, who started TAS in KA and are currently in the LS, MS, and US., I believe that TAS is progressive. It continues to improve curriculum, invest in professional development, and nurture learning. Each student is able to explore and experience traditional and progressive areas of interest. I have observed that students at TAS are cooperative, courageous, creative, responsible and confident." - Winnie Chao

1 administrator

 "The magic of TAS for me is the privilege of watching students grow and develop into incredible adults." - Gary Pettigrew, Middle School Associate Principal

1 Faculty

"At TAS you are surrounded by the best.  The best students. The best colleagues. The best program.  The best facilities. Amazing things happen every day when you are surrounded by the best." - Rebecca Maguire

1 Support staff

"For over 36 years at TAS I have loved seeing so many familiar faces everyday. The people here and the environment make me happy. It is a pleasure to serve those who walk through the snack bar. I have watched so many children and their children grow up here. It is an honor to be part of such an amazing community here at TAS." - Susie Tsao

1 Alumni

"TAS is special to me because of its people.  The teachers, the staff, and my lifelong friends are all decent and kind-hearted people whose earnest respect for one another and for the community we share inspires me to be the best version of myself." - Brenda Lin '94