Introducing the Lawrence S. Ting Middle School

Last week, on September 1, an important event took place on our TAS campus – the naming dedication ceremony of the Lawrence S. Ting Middle School. Mr. Lawrence S. Ting was a businessman and philanthropist, and father-in-law and grandfather to 11 TAS alumni and students (to date!)

A graduate of Columbia University, a military man, and a brilliant businessman, Mr. Lawrence S. Ting was a devoted man in everything he did. He served as Chairman of the CT&D (Central Trading and Development Corporation), Chairman of Phy My Hung Corporation, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee, and Chairman of the Taiwan Plastics Industry Association.

Mr. Ting was a dynamic, creative, resourceful man, who was determined and would not settle for anything less than excellence, who always embraced challenges, had an optimistic attitude, and never ceased trying until he achieved his goals. In business, he was a pioneer entrepreneur and contributed much to the thoughtful expansion of Ho Chih Ming city in Vietnam, notably with the award-winning, iconic, and sustainable South Saigon urban development project.

Mr. Ting was also known to be a very compassionate man. He and his treasured wife, Mrs. Sylvia Ting, cared very much about people in need and paid attention to education as well as the welfare of disadvantaged women and children. It is clear that they raised their children to also live by their values. Since Mr. Ting’s passing in 2004, the Ting family has carried on Mr. Ting’s spirit and philanthropy with the Lawrence S. Ting Memorial Fund (LSTMF), Lawrence S. Ting Memorial School in Ho Chih Ming City, among other projects.

We are very honored that the Ting family continues to support TAS, most recently with the naming of the Lawrence S. Ting Middle School. Gifts to the school allow the School to continue to offer the best programs to all of our students. We thank the Ting family for their longstanding support, and joyfully celebrate together as a community the new naming of the Lawrence S. Ting Middle School.

"Where we invest, we ask not what we can take away, but what we can leave behind." - Lawrence S. Ting