A Warm Welcome Back to Campus from the Head of School

Dear TAS Community,

I offer a sincere welcome to all new TAS families and equally warm greetings to our continuing students and parents. Let me start by saying how happy and grateful I am that we are able to open up in an almost normal fashion this fall. In a world without much clarity or security, one thing remains constant: Tigers are stronger together - and we will do whatever we can to safely bring us together because that's where the magic of learning and growing works best.

Please keep an eye out for one another during this difficult time. We are living in an unpredictable and unprecedented situation, one that we are meeting head-on, but which does take a toll on each of us in different ways. Please start this year with self-care and compassion for others because if we forget to take care of ourselves, our families, and our communities, we will be too distracted to be able to enact the important work we are committed to - helping each student pursue his or her best self.

Today the halls of our school are echoing with eager voices enthusiastic to learn more today than they did yesterday. It is amazing to me how I could see everyone's smile, even with the masks on. It's true that you can tell whether someone is smiling just from his or her eyes, and today was no exception.

All of our school's administrators, faculty, and staff eagerly greeted your curious children, ushering in a new season for all of us. On our official Facebook page, you can find a few photo highlights of this memorable day demonstrating our dedication to starting off the year with both safety and zeal.

We have faced our share of challenges over the last year together, and I know that as a community we will have more challenges in the future. But we will meet each of these challenges head-on together, as a community, with honesty, courage, responsibility, respect, and, above all, kindness - to ourselves and others. Nobody would pretend that this year is going to be the same as in years past, but we remain committed to offering the same high-quality opportunities to students that we have all come to cherish at TAS.

Things may look different, but they will remain the same in that we will always prioritize excellence. The challenges we have faced, now face, and will continue to face can only be met successfully with a united community that shares the common goal of keeping our students safe, well-educated, and prepared for whatever awaits them in this rapidly changing world


Dr. Sharon D. Hennessy

Head of School