TAS Welcomes Back Expert in Cross-Cultural Identity, Dr. Josephine Kim

Dr. Josephine Kim visited TAS virtually this year and delivered two presentations live on March 15 and 17 to the TAS parent community and another presentation for TAS faculty. Dr. Kim previously visited and lectured at Tapei American School in 2018, when she presented information about supporting our children's cross-cultural identities. 

During this recent visit she spoke on two subjects she is passionate about, based on both her research and lived experiences: "Predictable parenting for unpredictable times," and "How prepared is your child for the world outside of TAS?"

Dr. Kim is an internationally recognized counselor, educator, author, and speaker with expertise in multicultural diversity, cross-cultural identity, family engagement and parenting, mental health, and child/adolescent development. She is on the faculty of the Harvard Graduate School of Education as well as the Center for Cross-Cultural Student Emotional Wellness at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Kim has provided professional consultation and expertise on multicultural, mental health, career development, and educational issues to various media sources in Asia and in the U.S.

Her first talk, "Predictable parenting for unpredictable times: Building resilience and self-esteem for success in school and life," focused on meaningful strategies that all parents can begin to employ in today's fast-paced world. While parents cannot control how and when life’s challenges will present themselves to their children, they can build protective factors that will buffer the falls and promote their wellbeing. At the core of these protective factors are enhancing students’ resilience and self-esteem, both of which can be fostered through trusting relationships with caring adults. Dr. Kim discussed predictable parenting skills that foster resilience and increase self-esteem during unpredictable times.

In her second talk, "How prepared is your child for the world outside of TAS?", she explicitly wanted to help parents think through what their children will experience once they leave their homes, especially those who will study abroad in the United States. While TAS may be seen as a safe cultural bubble, many parents and students do not give intentional consideration to how their cultural identities intersect with privilege and oppression in the global context. While English language skills and STEAM knowledge are important, Dr. Kim believes that diversity and equity literacy are amongst the most sought-after skills in any given field, school, and position when the global platform is the stage where students will perform.

These opportunities were presented in conjunction with the school's JEDI and wellness initiatives. Thank you to the PTA for inviting Dr. Kim and partnering with the school as TAS builds on our work to appreciate strengths and cultivate diversity and inclusion.