Welcome to the Walter and Shirley Fan ’86 Wang Lower School

On September 10, our community celebrated the newly named Walter and Shirley Fan ’86 Wang Lower School in a special dedication ceremony.   

It was not so long ago, on April 19, 2019, that we celebrated the naming of the Walter and Shirley Fan ’86 Wang Auditorium Lobby. Our school is fortunate and humbled, a mere 16 months later, to gather again to honor Walter and Shirley and recognize them for their continued support of Taipei American School.  

Both Walter and Shirley are extremely successful entrepreneurs and together, their humanitarian efforts and practice of servant leadership is remarkable to all who know them.  

Shirley, a 1986 TAS Tiger, credits her time at TAS as having helped shaped who she is today, and because Walter and she are both passionate about giving back and educating the whole person, especially paying attention to the students’ social, emotional, and ethical development and their understating of the importance of volunteering and being of service to one another, it is fitting that they name the lower school, the place where it all starts.  

Shirley says that she and Walter “give to TAS not just in gratitude, but to honor the present and support the future.” And they have done just that, time and time again, giving generously to support the programs that will benefit TAS students on all levels, including supporting our school-wide initiatives to better understand and attend to adolescent development within a strong, ethical character education foundation, and a series of programs that aim to provide opportunities for students in all grade levels to learn about the importance, responsibility, and power of service, of giving back and supporting a cause.  

At TAS, we strive to develop the qualities that Shirley and Walter embody, as well as the drive to be servant leaders of determination, passion, and compassion every single day, starting on their first day at school and at the very foundation, in the newly named Walter and Shirley Fan ’86 Wang Lower School.