Celebrating our Upper School Students at the End of the School Year

In this recurring series, we invite readers to find out more about the incredible people that make TAS the vibrant learning community we know and love. This week, we're bringing you a reflection on the end of the year from our Upper School admin team.

By the Upper School Admin Team, Mr. Lowman, Dr. Fagen, and Dr. Chen

As the school year draws to a close, we want to take a moment to celebrate our amazing Upper School students! You have all worked incredibly hard this year, and we are so proud of everything you have accomplished, from diving into your classes, making new friends, trying a new sport or excelling at something you already love, to applying for college and university, making time for your health and wellness, and learning from setbacks big and small. While upcoming projects, assessments, and celebrations may be on your mind, we want to remind you that success comes in many forms.

At Taipei American School, we firmly believe that your well-being and mental health are just as important as your academic achievements. Each and every student in the Upper School community has unique talents, passions, and needs. We celebrate your artistic, athletic, and community service accomplishments, and we recognize that success is not just about individual achievement, but also about the strength and support of our community. Our students are not just successful on their own, but as a part of a larger school community including their fellow students, parents, employees, administrators, who nurture and support each child's unique and intrinsic value.

At the same time, we know that not every student's successes are immediately visible or measurable. Each year, some students struggle with a particular subject, or face personal challenges that are not readily apparent. We celebrate the perseverance and grit that you have developed through trying, failing, and trying again. Even when success may not come easily or visibly, we see your effort and engagement shine through.

While the year is coming to a close, we know this time is incredibly busy with external exams, college decisions, and, of course, plenty of fun, end-of-year activities and traditions. This can be a very busy and stressful time, so please take time to care for yourself, to get plenty of sleep, to spend time with your friends and family, and to check in with your teachers. Remember to eat well, enjoy the sunshine, and take a moment to reflect on the hard work you have put into the 2022-23 school year.  

We hope you enjoy the final weeks of school before your well-deserved summer break. We are very proud of you, Upper School students! Whether you are preparing for graduation, or returning to TAS in August, we are delighted to support you on your next steps in your educational journey. Don't hesitate to reach out before the end of the year if you need support, or just want to come and say hi!