How TAS Seniors Balance School, College Apps, and Extracurriculars

By Gustavo V. ('22), TAS Communications Intern

Although many college applications were due on November 1, many seniors are still feeling the heat due to the looming  December 1st application deadline. It's typical to say that doing college applications is a timely process, but for most students at TAS when you add rigorous coursework and extracurriculars it can feel like a marathon. Fortunately, most TAS faculty understand the pressure seniors go through and are flexible. 

This “season” of college applications really gets the student mind rolling. As a senior myself I can easily quote that almost every senior has ever asked “does it ever stop?” It’s comforting to know that the TAS community is very well aware of this final “test” and does its best job at lending a hand to each other. 

“I think that the basketball season keeps my mind off the college apps,” said Jake L. (‘22). I “I feel like when I put myself under less stress it becomes as easy as completing a school assignment.” 

Selena N. (‘22) has a less physically demanding form of stress release. “Some of my favorite de-stress methods are drinking hot chocolate and watching Netflix, and if I really need to get loose, I play a good set of tennis!” Selena N. (‘22) stated

Some students just go through the standard organization and find themselves on a good track. Thankfully, through the hard work of the college counselors, we are able to say that we have some peace of mind during the weekend 

“I de-stress college apps by setting clear deadlines for my essays and trying to stay on top of them by setting time aside each day to work on it little by little. PS the college counselors are really good at reinforcing deadlines!” said Reine C. (‘22)