Meet the Fall 2023 Communications Interns at Taipei American School

By Brooke Burns, Communications Manager  

Each semester, the Communications Office is delighted to welcome Upper School students to the team as part of our internship program. Through a rigorous selection process that includes a detailed application, interviews, and onboarding, interested students learn about the role of communications in a school community. Each applicant closely examines their academic and extracurricular schedule to ensure that this learning opportunity is a joyful one, rather than an additional stressor.   

This semester, we are delighted to introduce you to our Fall 2023 Communications Interns, Charlene C. '25 and Kylie R. '25. These dynamic students bring unique skills, interests, and perspectives to our team, and we are excited to see their contributions. We are also pleased to welcome Ina C. '25 for another semester, as she focuses on the series “Tiger's Eye: Perspectives on Research at TAS.”

Charlene C. '24, Fall 2023 Communications Intern

Charlene C. '25 is a dedicated member of our TAS community, having joined us in her Kindergarten year. Her deep-rooted connection to TAS and her enthusiasm for fostering connections among peers make her an excellent addition to our intern team.

One of Charlene's most cherished TAS memories is from Camp Taiwan, where she had the opportunity to forge new friendships and participate in interactive activities. This experience strengthened her bonds with her fellow students and fueled her passion for interpersonal connections.

Outside of school, Charlene is a multi-talented Tiger. She is a skilled musician, proficient in both the piano and trumpet, which is no surprise given her musical family background. Charlene believes that her exposure to the arts industry and various subjects has broadened her horizons, making her an adaptable and creative team member. We're looking forward to her perspective on the arts at TAS!  

In this internship, Charlene aims to enhance her knowledge of posting content on social media platforms in captivating ways to engage the general public. She recognizes the value of spreading awareness about TAS and believes this internship is an opportunity for mutual growth, benefiting both her and the school.

Kylie R. '24, Fall 2023 Communications Intern

Kylie R. '25 is passionate about ensuring that events on our TAS campus receive the recognition they deserve, and that students’ hard work also takes center stage. Her commitment to giving TAS students a voice and sharing important information aligns perfectly with our mission in the Communications Office.

Some of Kylie's fondest TAS memories revolve around everyday meetings with friends, where she relished the camaraderie and shared experiences. Having joined TAS in Grade 7, she has fond memories of the Middle School, where Tiger journey began. Kylie is fluent in Mandarin, and her interests in art and music shine through her hobbies, including drawing, playing the clarinet, and drumming. When she's not pursuing her artistic and musical passions, she enjoys immersing herself in anime, crime shows, and reading.  

During her time as an intern, Kylie plans to develop her skills in content creation, particularly in audience engagement through the use of engaging visuals. Her desire to empower students with a platform to express themselves makes her a valuable asset to our team.

Ina C. '24, Fall 2023 Communications Intern

Ina C. '25 is an active and involved member of the TAS community. Passionate about spotlighting student achievements and showcasing events that promotes our school spirit, her ambition for this internship is to share the talents of students, the diverse opportunities, and the positive learning environment of TAS to a broader audience.  

Having served as a communication intern during the last school year, Ina is more than excited to join the team for the fall semester. During her time as an intern, she not only covered a wide range of school events but also immersed herself in the culture and community of TAS. She enjoyed the chance to work with different school departments and forging new relationships. This internship has been particularly special to her as it blends her interest in photography and journalism. For Ina, the best part is seeing how her work can connect people and create a sense of community in TAS.  

In this year’s internship, Ina is committed to broadening her impact in the TAS community and continuing to celebrate student achievements. She's particularly eager to continue her work on "Tiger's Eye: Perspectives on Research at TAS" and is keenly looking forward to its expansion encompassing new classes throughout the school.

As we welcome Charlene C. '25, Kylie R. '25, and Ina C. '25 to the communications internship for the Fall 2023 semester, we look forward to their fresh perspectives, creative ideas, and dedication to showcasing the vibrant TAS community. Stay tuned for their exciting contributions as they help us tell the TAS story on our social media platforms and website. Follow along with their journey using #TASInternTakeover and keep an eye on the TAS website for their latest projects and articles. Together, we'll continue to share the TAS experience with the world!