Middle School Student Takes Her Art to the World Stage

By Katherine Wang, Development Officer

Taipei American School encourages all of our students to explore their own interests, discovering and embracing the joy of learning whether it is in- or outside of the classroom! One fine example of this is Grade 6 student Erin H., who is passionate about art and spends a few hours every week working on her art projects. 

Erin has recently been awarded first prize in the 10-13 age group in the “2022 International Visual Art Competition” held by The World Art Institute of Youth – Centre for UNESCO (“IMAJ”), for her painting titled “Twilight on the Tamsui River”. She shares with us the impact her interest in art has had on her life. 

Besides the joy that she gets out of creating art and the fact that art is a shared love for her family, Erin says that all the work she has put into her project has also helped her grow as a person. She describes the types of research that are typical for her projects, including reading and watching documentaries about the selected subject area and looking at photographs or other artists’ works on the same. Going from there, she usually spends a few weeks on a painting, and when there is a competition that she is aiming to submit her work, she also needs to prepare an artist statement to go along with her painting. 

Throughout the whole process, Erin has an opportunity to learn more about the world, form opinions on issues, and learn to express what she thinks or how she feels through her art. For example, her painting of a mango grove surrounded by corals is inspired by what she learned about coral bleaching as a result of global climate change. With that painting, she wishes to express her hope that there is something we all can still do to save the environment and make the world better. With her award-winning painting “Twilight on Tamsui River,” Erin hopes to raise awareness of the need for cultural and environmental preservation. 

Erin thinks that learning to draw and paint also helps her understand and enjoy other people’s artworks more, so it is something that enriches one’s life in many ways. 

Asked if she has any recommendations for her fellow students who would also like to further explore their interest in art, Erin says that her teacher always tells her to sketch whenever she can – it really helps one learn about proportions, angles, and perspectives, and more!

Erin is traveling to Troyes, France, this May with her mother to receive her award. Bien joué, Erin! And bon voyage!