TAS Alumni Create Podcast to Discuss Diversity, Equity and Inclusion After Graduation

By Audrey H. ('23), TAS Communications Intern

Two Taipei American School (TAS) alumni, Victoria Yeh (‘16) and Brendan Wong (‘17), have created a new podcast “Taipei Tiger Talk” to introduce Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) topics through conversations about topics including intersectionality, mental health, microaggressions and more. 

Caption: The first episode of Taipei Tiger Talk, featuring guest Keva Bui (‘13), introduces and explains terms including diversity, equity, inclusion and intersectionality with conversations about how the navigation of college life relates to such topics. (Photo courtesy of Brendan Wong (‘17))

Taipei Tiger Talk is hosted and produced by “DearTAS,” a group of TAS graduates seeking to discuss such topics and implement DEI work at TAS and in the wider TAS community in collaboration with the school's official JEDI organization, which is currently composed of mostly school employees. Parents, specifically the parent Cultural Connections committee, have also supported the podcast in their desire to learn more about DEI. 

“The podcast is an opportunity for more conversations to occur that may not be as commonly found in Taiwan as they are among academic critics here in the U.S.,” Brendan, the producer of Taipei Tiger Talk, said. 

Season one of Taipei Tiger Talk, “We Crossed The Bridge -- Now What?,” which is in reference to TAS’s motto of it being a “bridge,” primarily focuses on the navigation of life after TAS, particularly when transitioning to college. 

The podcast premiered on Sept. 15, 2021, with its first episode, “Introducing DEI.” This episode introduces and explains terms including diversity, equity, inclusion, and intersectionality, and  Taipei Tiger Talk’s first guest and alum Keva Bui (‘13) shows the audience the importance of understanding such topics. 

The episode discusses DEI issues in relation to the college experience as Keva shares their experience as a student activist on college campuses. The episode also includes conversations about the inclusion of Asian American studies programs in college, which has only become more mainstream in recent years. 

The podcast explores the role different communities play into identities. “Regardless of where you are, you are always in a community… Figuring out what your role in that community will be is something that I hope people start reflecting upon,” Brendan said. 

New Taipei Tiger Talk episodes premiere on the fifteenth of every month, covering different topics in relation to DEI and featuring various guests. Taipei Tiger Talk is available on their website (taipeitigertalk.com), Spotify, and Apple Podcast. 

“My hope is to start these conversations at TAS because I truly believe that we all have an ability to make this world a better place,” Victoria said. “Going on to college has really opened my eyes to the inequalities and injustices of the world, but also to the many possibilities for us to come together.”