TAS Hosts Historic Off-Campus Graduation at Taipei Municipal Stadium

By Lindsey Kundel, Director of Communications & Marketing

Congratulations to the Class of 2022! 

Though untraditional, this year's unique graduation ceremony celebrated our newest alumni in an historic off-campus event on Thursday, May 26 at Taipei Municipal Stadium in Songshan District. The ceremony was held between 3-4:30 PM, with time for photos with family and friends reserved at the stadium until 5:30 PM.

Several precaution measures were in place in order to make sure that the ceremony upheld important safety standards for the graduates and their guests. The most important of these measures was contact tracing as both TAS students and their families must bring their TAS identification cards and graduation ceremony forms. Masks were worn at all times during the ceremony.

The commencement exercises began with a recording of "Pomp and Circumstance No. 1, op.39" performed by the upper school orchestra in 2019 and directed by Joan Pipkin. 

Principal Andrew Lowman then welcomed attendees with an opening address and introduced the Opus honor choir's senior members for a performance of the National Anthem of the Republic of China and the US National Anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner. Opus seniors also performed two additional works, "Time Gone" and "Irish Blessing" later in the ceremony.

Lowman spoke about how important graduation is, both for the students and their families. "Seeing all of you here is a reminder for all of us that the 17 or 18 years that our graduates have lived up to this point have been supported by many people," said Lowman. "While today is a celebration of our graduates earning their TAS diploma, it is also a celebration of everyone's love and support of our graduates."

He went on to describe how this class will be remembered, saying that it will NOT be because of how impacted their experience was by COVID-19. "No, we will remember this class as one of the most resilient groups we have ever had the privilege of working with," said Lowman. "I have been continually amazed to see how you have kept going and continued to find opportunities throughout your time at TAS. In 2020, we thought that no one would ever want to play sports or to perform wearing a mask. Two and a half years later, you have continually proven us wrong. You have continued to look for what you CAN do and not what is unavailable to you. This mindset is beyond admirable."

Lowman went so far as to say that the Class of 2022 is, in many ways, the most "prepared" class to enter the world that TAS has ever graduated. "You know adversity and you know what it takes to push ahead," said Lowman. " This trait alone will set you up for incredible opportunities, successes (and strategic failures, because those are amazing learning opportunities), and joy in the future."

One highlight of the ceremony included the presidents' address, a speech given by co-presidents Enoch T. ('22) and Emma W. ('22).

Thank you to the upper school team - and every teacher who touched their lives along the way. 

In the Upper School, we often say at graduation that we are proud to give the School's highest honor - a diploma - to our graduates, but the inverse is also true: the Class of 2022, it has been a sincere source of pride and honor to have known and learned with you. 

We wish you luck and happiness wherever your journey may take you.

Please be sure to check out our photo album on Facebook to see all the best moment's from this year's event.

The Upper School hired professional photographers and videographers to capture this incredible community event and will be sharing links to that content during the last week of the school year.