Thinking Of (and Missing) Our Newest Alumni

By Shan Lee, Assistant Alumni & Community Outreach Officer

Every summer, with each graduating class, TAS has the honor and privilege of welcoming a new class of former students into our alumni community. As these new alumni just recently graduated, the legacy they have left behind is still fresh for those of us still here on campus.  It leaves us wondering how they are, missing them, and wanting to continue to maintain the connection that we had with them while they were here at TAS us.

It is now an annual tradition for the alumni office and the current TAS senior class to partner together during the fall semester to assemble a care package for the new alumni who just graduated. The care package always contains a little TAS memorabilia and a custom-designed postcard by members of the current TAS senior class with a handwritten message with words of encouragement and wishing them well. This year the Class of 2021 will be receiving a set of TAS decal stickers and a pack of Taiwan-theme-designed masks. 

These care packages are sent all around the world to reach our newest alumni who have embarked on their next adventure. The Class of 2022 and the alumni office want the Class of 2021 to know that they are in our hearts and that we miss them and are thinking of them.  We are wishing them the best of luck wherever they are and in whatever endeavor they are pursuing.