Three US Students Take Part in First TAS Communications Internship

By Lindsey Kundel, Director of Communications

Three talented tigers took part in the first-ever TAS communications internship during the fall of 2021. Over the course of 16 weeks, Sharon L. ('22), Gustavo V. ('22), and Tyler L. ('23), wrote articles, took photos, shot videos, and posted to social media on behalf of the School.

The internship was inspired by the school's existing internship program which operates as part of Summer Academy each summer. It mirrors the 16-week college semester-length to help students prepare for future classes and internships beyond the hallways of TAS.

The goal of the internship was to develop a symbiotic program that would benefit both TAS and TAS students by providing real-world communications experience to students that differs from traditional journalism or documentary video (both of which are offered as curricular programs in the Upper School). Upper school students have deep and enduring relationships with their fellow peers and with their teachers, allowing them to better document life at TAS in real-time, sometimes even better than the communications professionals. And being able to better document the TAS experience would ultimately benefit the entire community, including present and future community members looking to envision themselves here.

Tyler L. says that the internship was helpful to him both as a student and as a human being, especially in terms of his ability to manage his time wisely. Each week he had to juggle his schoolwork both short and longer-term communications projects. He said that he learned a big lesson in how to communicate with a supervisor and use different language than he would with his peers. Prior to the internship, he said that he would have been a bit nervous to email or reach out to people on campus that he wasn't closely connected with, but now, he says he looks forward to talking to people all over our campus, whether he already knows them or not.

Tyler's advice for aspiring communications professionals like himself is to take advantage of both your time and the resources available at TAS. He also recommends trying to find a way to merge your existing passions with communication, as he did with a social media post on climate change. In fact, Tyler plans to continue to work on communications videos beyond the formal internship due to an existing passion for this work.

The internship program will continue to expand over the second semester with four upper school interns joining the program including Amber W. ('23), Ariel L. ('23), Audrey H. ('23), and Emily H. ('23). 

The program is currently accepting applications for summer 2022 and beyond. Please reach out to the Director of Communications at for additional information on how to apply.