The School occupies a campus of 6.5 hectares (approximately 15 acres). The campus is wireless to service our IT needs as a one-to-one laptop school in the Walter and Shirley Fan'86 Wang Lower School Grades 3-5, as well as the Lawrence S. Ting Middle School and Dr. Sharon DiBartolomeo Hennessy Upper Schools. The School has approximately 250 classrooms, including many science, robotics, and computer labs. The campus also features a four-story library/IT/media complex, music and art facilities, three dance studios, and three theaters. Sports facilities include three gyms, covered and outdoor tennis courts, a track, two playing fields with artificial turf, and a 25-meter indoor swimming pool. The cafeteria, pizza bar, Village Snack Bar, and Fitness Cafe serve nearly 3,000 patrons per day.

Dr. Sharon DiBartolomeo Hennessy Upper School Building opened in 2012 and features state of the art science and robotics labs, new classrooms equipped with cutting-edge technology, and a lecture hall. The Liu Lim Arts Center and Legacy Commons opened in August 2013, along with the Tiger Health and Wellness Center. During the 2016-2017 school year, the school began construction on the Solomon Wong Tech Cube facility, a new building for KA-12 STEAM education. The building opened for learning in 2018.

TAS prides itself on the ecological design features of its facilities and its green initiatives.