Bio: Ms. Gayle Tsien

Gayle Tsien has been working for the Central Trading & Development Group (CT&D) since 1993. After working in the Planning Department as Project Manager, the office of the Chairman as Special Assistant, and the Finance and Accounting Department as Vice President, she now serves as Vice Chairman of CT&D and as a Director of CT&D’s associated companies in Vietnam, namely Phu My Hung Corporation, Tan Thuan Corporation, Hiep Phuoc Power Company Ltd. and Sino Pacific Construction Corporation. After graduating from Taipei American School in 1987, Ms. Tsien received her BA at Brown University, and received her Masters at New York University, Stern School of Business. She is a New York State Certified Public Accountant. Currently the Board Chair at Saigon South International School, Gayle brings valuable perspective to the Taipei American School Board of Directors.