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Safeguarding Our Students


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Every Child's Safety. First.

Hear from Larry Kraut, Chief Operating Officer, to find out more about the importance of safety and well-being at TAS.


Safety and Security: Foundational for Learning 

At TAS, we believe that true success is leading a joyful life with purpose...

But we also know that joyful learning cannot be fostered without a physically and emotionally safe environment.

Every member of our community understands that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. 

Our safe, supportive environment is the foundation that all students deserve. It is the foundation of our mission - and our number one priority. 

In partnership with all members of our school community, we are committed to upholding and modeling moral and ethical behavior in accordance with the TAS values: honesty, respect, responsibility, kindness, and courage. 

Safeguarding means that: 

  • Children are protected from mistreatment 
  • A child’s health or development is protected 
  • Children grow up with safe and effective care 
  • Action is taken to ensure the best outcomes for all children 
  • Adults are protected from abuse or neglect or the risk of it 

The components of our safeguarding practice are guided by the Taipei American School child protection policy. This is derived from child protection laws in Taiwan and best practices from the United States, along with guidance from safeguarding experts.  

Our school’s safeguarding practices include: 

Safe hiring practices including stringent reference and background checks for all employees. 

Clear and comprehensive protocols for reporting safeguarding issues.   

Mandatory reviewing and renewing of all school employees' background checks every three school years.   

A secure, access-controlled campus with clear visitor protocols.

Annual safeguarding training and reviews for employees, contract staff, and on-campus vendors.

Annual review of our child protection policy by leadership.  

Important Safeguarding Resources

For Urgent Safeguarding Assistance

Are you a current TAS parent, student, or employee looking for immediate assistance in reporting a safeguarding issue to the school?

Thank you for your commitment to the health and well-being of our Tigers.

TAS Safeguarding Contacts Available Here

For additional information on the TAS Safeguarding Policies, please refer to the TAS Parent Zone

  • PDFs of all Safeguarding Policies
  • Divisional Handbooks
  • Safeguarding for Visitors to Campus  
  • Our Safeguarding Partners  
  • TAS Safeguarding Team  
  • Safeguarding & Well-being Contacts 

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If this sounds like the type of education you want for your child or the kind of learning community you wish to join, we invite you to explore the people, places, and programs that help us foster our definition of success for every student on our campus.

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