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Our Board of Directors

Clear, Transparent Governance

The TAS Board is a hybrid board structure of up to 14 members: 9 elected and 5 appointed, including one appointed representative from the American Institute of Taiwan (AIT).  This dual method of board member selection creates both balance and stability. 

What Does a School Board Do?

The Board of Directors is responsible for the long-term viability of the school, financial oversight, and governance.

The Board works closely with the Head of School to advance the school's strategic vision, and to help ensure that our school best serves the needs of our community while fulfilling our mission.

The Board is charged with hiring and supporting the Head of School, who is then responsible for daily oversight and management of the school.


Are you a Current TAS Parent?

Current Tigers can find out more about the most recent Board updates and news in the Parent Zone. 

TAS Board Corner

Meet the TAS Board of Directors

We are thrilled to introduce you to our esteemed Board:

  • Dr. Grace Lee (Chair)
  • Ms. Lydia Lim (Vice Chair)
  • Mr. Jay Cheng (Secretary)
  • Mr. Bruce Aitken (Treasurer / M&R Committee Chair)
  • Dr. Steven Quay
  • Mr. Larry Wasylin (Audit Committee Chair)
  • Mr. Erich Kuss (AIT Representative)
  • Mr. John Chen
  • Ms. Shelley Chia
  • Mr. Michael Fei
  • Ms. Amy Hsu
  • Dr. Paul Hsu
The TAS Board of Directors presents important schoolwide announcements at the Spring Meeting of General Members in April 2023.

Board Members are listed by board position and then in alphabetical order by last name.


Get to Know Our Board

Please click on a Board member's name or photo to find out more about your school's stewards.


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