Helpdesks and Laptop Loans

Information Technology


The upper and middle school student Helpdesks are available throughout the school day. A trip by the Helpdesk will see one of the qualified technicians working with a student to demonstrate how to set up a printer, explain how to back up their work, or how to optimize battery life.

Most problems students have can be fixed here at school, in most cases on the same day through our helpdesk team. We maintain an inventory of spare parts for most repairs, reducing the need to send the laptop off-site for repair. Our Lenovo onsite technicians provide hardware maintenance and can deal with most repairs. If the problem is a defective part, Lenovo will fix the problem as part of the Next Business Day Onsite Repair Warranty. This ensures that laptops needing service for defective parts are fixed as soon as possible. Your child will not be without a laptop while the repairs are completed.

In the event of a hardware or software problem with your laptop during your enrollment at TAS, you will receive full technical support from the TAS IT Services team, including access to a loaner laptop if your laptop cannot be repaired on the same day. TAS has a loaner pool of laptops to provide students during repairs, routine preventative maintenance, and when a student forgets to bring his/her laptop to school. Students will receive a comparable laptop which they are responsible for until their laptop is returned. This approach enables us to provide high-quality hardware and software support to help make every student fully productive in the TAS environment. A loaner will be issued from the Helpdesk. Students are responsible for returning the laptop at the end of the school day unless an overnight repair is necessary. Any damage recorded during the borrowing period will be charged to the parents. Loaner units are not insured off-island.