New Students

Information Technology

As a new parent, we are sure that you have many questions regarding the purchase of a laptop for your child.

Through the use of laptop technologies, Taipei American School empowers students with opportunities to be more efficient and effective communicators. By providing greater access to digital resources that greatly enhance the lower, middle and upper school classrooms, we provide our students with the learning advantages that they deserve. Our research and school visits have highlighted how digitized resources—accessible anywhere and anytime to students—help them to develop higher order thinking skills and foster a true understanding of digital literacy. Digitized resources provide both student and teacher more effective means for collaboration, extrapolation, projection, analysis, and demonstration; they make possible a closer, tangible interaction with the course of study that is extremely unlikely or even impossible without them; they will provide the teacher to transport the student to places, experiences, modes of thinking, cultures, and people otherwise impossible to reach for the normal middle or high school student.

The program begins with classroom laptops on a 1:1 basis beginning in Grade 3. All middle and upper school students (Grades 6-10) are required to buy a school recommended laptop. All laptops are imaged with divisionally appropriate software that supports student learning. Lenovo has been selected as the recommended hardware partner.

The Lenovo Yoga with a customized software package is currently required in Grades 6-10. One of the distinct advantages of the required Lenovo Yoga is that the computer configuration has been customized to support the learning experience. All unnecessary software components have been removed, menus refined, and software and learning resources tested. Laptop re-imaging has been prepared to ensure a swift turnaround time and to reduce the time that students are without their laptop.

Upon registration, details on how to order the Lenovo Yoga online will be provided in the PowerSchool Parent Portal.