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One-to-One Laptop Program

"The changing information landscape of the 21st Century demands that our students develop new skills of information literacy and become knowledge producers as an integral component of their learning." - Graham Wegner

It’s about the learning.

The role of technology in a school is to be the servant of student learning. Today’s learner must be agile, adaptable, and independent. Students need to continuously explore and implement new tools and adapt old ones to new purposes. They should become capable of continually assessing the quality of the resources they use.

TAS protects and values the best of current practice while providing a safe, secure, and well-managed digital environment. We strike a balance between a continuing regard for the importance of deep learning and strong interpersonal communication among learners. We strive to prepare each student for the completely unpredictable nature of the future they will live in.

How do we do this? First by teaching the skills of information literacy across the curriculum. Second by cultivating technological fluency and the ability to adapt to whatever comes next. Third by assuring that students understand the importance of ethical behavior and good citizenship whether in the physical or virtual world.