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Frequently Asked Questions: One-to-One Program

Q. Will I own the laptop if I purchase the TAS recommended Lenovo model?

A. Yes, you will own the laptop. When your son/daughter graduates the laptop will be restored to its factory status (Windows 10 and Office 365 will be reinstalled so that the laptop is as if it were new) by the TAS IT Services department.

Q. How do I protect my child’s laptop at home from viruses?

A. The recommended laptop is imaged with Symantec EndPoint Security (has replaced Symantec Antivirus Enterprise) virus protection that works at school and at home.

Q. Will students be expected to bring their laptops to school every day?

A. Yes, the laptop is considered as an essential learning tool similar to paper and pen. Our research and example repository highlight how integral the laptop has become. Our instructional program has taken advantage of the digital toolkit with students applying critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and risk taking skills.

Q. What is the timeline for purchasing and receiving the laptop?

A. For new students entering semester II, the ordering deadline is in December. Distribution will occur during the rollout sessions led by the divisional IT coordinators in January. Students currently enrolled in Grade 5 will receive their laptops by the end of May.

Q. What happens if the laptop does not work or is accidentally damaged?

A. The recommended TAS laptop models include a hardware warranty and accidental damage insurance (the ThinkPad Protection requires a maximum co-pay of NT$8925+ 5% tax). If the laptop is one of the supported models, then the Technology Department/on-site vendor will provide support for both hardware and software problems. The manufacturer's warranty will cover hardware defects; the accidental damage policy will cover any accidental damage. In the event that a laptop needs to be shipped away for repair, the student will receive a "loaner" laptop.

Q. What is the life expectancy of the laptop hardware and software?

A. We have specified a laptop with sufficient hardware resources to last four years.

Q. What happens if our family is relocated prior to delivery of the laptop?

A. Provisions have been made to allow families who have to relocate and withdraw their child from TAS to receive a payment refund. TAS will only be able to buy-back the (Lenovo Yoga) laptop prior to delivery.

Q. How and when will the laptops be distributed to new students?

A. The laptops will be distributed during orientation sessions that are led by IT coordinators and supported by the IT support team in May for Grade 5 students and in the first week of school in August for new students. Time will be spent introducing care for the laptop during the orientation weeks at the beginning of the school year.

Q. What language is the Operating System (Windows 10 EDU)?

A. The operating system installed on all laptops is US English. TAS has begun to deploy Windows 10 on all new laptops.

Q. What will a student do if he/she forgets their laptop at home?

A. A loaner will be issued from the Helpdesk and a communication will be sent to the divisional offices - frequency is tracked. Students are responsible for returning the laptop at the end of the school day unless an overnight repair is necessary.

Q. If I decide to purchase a TAS recommended Lenovo laptop during the school year how long will delivery take?

A. Due to the nature of the customized package that we have secured for students delivery will take at least 1 week.

Q. How many engineers do we have supporting the 1:1 laptop program?

A. We have two full-time technicians supporting machines paid through the TAS budget and we have 4 Multicom technicians supporting 1400+ Lenovo machines supplied at no charge to TAS.

Q. Why do the specifications of the laptop appear to be so high?

A. The specifications developed will ensure that students are able to leverage the various software applications without being delayed due to sluggish performance. A number of key networking services will consume system resources thus the need for 16Gb RAM. Software used by students ranges from video authoring tools, music editing tools, GoogleEarth, to imaging editing. Processor specifications are intended to address forecast application growth.

Q. What steps are being undertaken to ensure that written skills are not neglected?

A. Writing by hand is required for external examinations and written skills will continue to be developed by all students regardless of subject and grade. Pen and paper will be used when appropriate as will the laptop. The laptop is not a replacement pen and should not be used as a basic word processor. However, laptops are a powerful tool for improving essay writing as text manipulation helps drafting and redrafting skills.

Q. How will the TAS faculty maintain abreast of current trends, developments, and best educational practices pertaining to technology use?

A. Faculty members continue to participate in on-site and off-site professional development. Best practice, software infusion, and technology integration professional development opportunities are offered by the EdTech team.

Q. What about uncharged/empty batteries? Will students “plug-in” in the classrooms?

A. Ideally (required for all middle school students), all students will charge their laptops at home at night so that all laptops start the day with a full charge. The laptop model selected runs for approximately six to seven hours on a charge, which should be ample for a typical school day. Each classroom where the laptops will be used has power strips that have 4-6 outlets stretched over a 4-5 foot span. One of these can support several students with low batteries.

Q. Can students install a home-owned printer?

A. Yes, students will be able to use and have TAS install home-owned printers. Technical support can only be provided at TAS for this. TAS will need to install the printer for the students in Grades 6-9, and admin rights are granted to students in Grades 10-12.

Q. What will TAS do to protect students against inappropriate web content and restrict access to gaming websites?

A. TAS has implemented a content filtering system that guides and restricts access yet does not hinder teaching and learning. The Websense Enterprise Solution was implemented in July 2008 to offer divisionally appropriate content filtering. It is possible to install a home based Content Filter (NetNanny).