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1:1 Hardware Refresh Program

LAPTOP Updating 2018-2019:

Seniors, Trade Up program, Update program

TAS wants every student to have a laptop that is ready to go. It is essential that there be a program of periodic updates to assure that the laptop is capable of supporting all aspects of student learning.

When the laptop is over four years old we have found it necessary for students to either update their existing device or acquire a newer one. With that in mind we are implementing the following changes.

Seniors (Class of 2019):

Students beginning their senior year may choose to use our College-prep Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. They may use hardware that is not provided through the school. It must meet the same minimum standards as our current 4-year-old machines.

Students must have a means to run the school's provided software solutions. They may choose to do this using multiple components (i.e. a MacBook Air + an iPad for pen input). If the school only provides Windows compatible software it will be up to the student to meet the needs of the class by either running Windows emulation on another operating system (MacOS, Linux, etc.) or purchasing an alternative version of the same software title at their own expense.

The TAS / Multicom helpdesk will provide assistance for only the following: network connectivity, printing access, and level one diagnostics. Students will be eligible for up to 5 days of free loaner access. After that, there will be a charge.

Minimum SPECIFICATIONS College-prep BYOD:

Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-5500U Processor (2.4 GHz, 4M Cache, up to 3.0 GHz) with Intel®HD Graphics or equivalent
Memory: 8GB
Storage: SSD 256GB
Display: 12.5" FHD IPS (1920 x 1080)
Wireless: Sufficient for necessary connectivity
Expansion Ports: USB 2.0, HDMI or VGA,combo audio/microphone jack
Batteries: sufficient to last the school day with normal use
Operating System: All current security patches applied, anti-virus / anti-malware up to date.

Grades 10 & 11 (2018-2019):

If your laptop will be more than 4 years old during the academic year, you must either upgrade or replace the laptop (For 2018-2019 this means an X230T or a Yoga 1).

There are two options for replacement. For orders placed before April 1, 2018, there is a refund if you trade in your old laptop in good condition. There is no trade in option for orders placed after that time.

Alternatively, for students who do not plan on taking video, computer science, or advanced mathematics courses before their senior year, there is an upgrade option.

Trade up Program:

TAS is pleased to offer a special trade in program. The trade in unit must have been acquired through the school sponsored program. It must be well-maintained and in good working order. It can be inspected at the help desk before the order is placed to determine possible eligibility. However, condition when the new machine is received in May will determine if a refund will be provided. The refund will be paid when the new machine is delivered and the trade in is received in good condition.

Current Laptop Model Warranty Status Refund if ordered before 2018/04/01
X230T N/A NT$3,000
Yoga 1 N/A NT$6,000
Yoga 12 Expires before 2019/01/01 NT$6,000
Yoga 12 In force > 2018/12/31 NT$7,000
Yoga 260

Expires before 2019/01/01

Yoga 260 In force > 2018/12/31 NT$7,000
Yoga 260 In force > 2019/12/31 NT$8,000
Yogs 370 In force (any) NT$8,000

Update Program:

If your current over 4-year-old laptop is in good condition, and you do not expect to do video, advanced mathematics, computer science, or other classes that make demands requiring more processing or display power, you may choose to upgrade your current machine.

Model Upgrade Package Loaner Eligibility during repairs Price
X230T 8 GB Additional RAM, New Battery, New SSD hard drive, updated operating system 1 year
Repairs pay as you go
No warranty
Yoga 1 New Battery, New SSD hard drive, updated operating system 2 years
Repairs pay as you go
No warranty