Dr. Elaine Kwon

Dr. Elaine Kwon is a Lecturer in Music at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She was the 2019-2020 Joanna Nichols Visiting Artist.

The 2019 Joanna Nichols Artist in Residence, Dr. Elaine Kwon, is a prize-winning concert pianist, martial artist, and a Lecturer in Music at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

She made her orchestral debut with the Washington Idaho Symphony at age 15 and has performed solo, concerto, and chamber music concerts throughout the United States and internationally.

During her month-long residence at TAS, Dr. Elaine Kwon gave numerous private piano lessons, special talks, performed with the orchestra and with students in an ensemble concert, and even taught two weeks of martial arts classes.

She also presented a special “Savor your Senses” performance. “Savor Your Senses” is an immersive performance series where selected music and food and other sensory elements are paired and enjoyed together.

Through her experience of creating the "Savor Your Senses" performance series, Dr. Kwon has experimented with numerous genres of music and cooperated with artists in many other fields. This diversity is also shown in her practicing of traditional Chinese martial arts, all of which she considers a part of her “Life Chord” where each aspect of her life builds and supports one another.