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Support for our Learners

TAS offers academic support in Grades KA-12, and speech/language support in Grades K-12. Each program serves students with mild learning differences, with the goal of enabling every child in the program to thrive at TAS.

Academic Support

The Learning Support teams provide a variety of services for students with mild learning differences in order to help them access grade-level curriculum. Children may receive services following recommendations from educators and both internal and external evaluations.

For families applying to TAS, please see our Admissions "How to Apply" page to learn more about how students in need of EAL or Academic Support are considered for admission.  

Strengthening Skills

From KA-12, the Learning Support teams provide individual and small group instruction to develop academic abilities, executive functioning skills, and self-advocacy. Alternative instructional strategies and testing accommodations are also provided to students with specific academic needs, as identified by internal and, or, external assessments. The program is designed to support students as individual learners at different stages of their academic and personal journey, while engaging each child's teachers, advisors, and families in collaborating for their success.

An Integrated Approach

In the Lower School, students develop the skills and concepts that create a strong academic foundation to help them thrive in the early years and beyond. In Middle School, students deepen their practice of the executive functioning skills and work to build their independence with the support of the Learning Support team and dedicated class time. This continues in Upper School, where students are supported in their self-advocacy and in refining their skills, while working to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Did you know that over 20 faculty members provide student support services across TAS?

In addition to faculty providing academic support and speech/language services, TAS students are served by three, in-house educational psychologists, and 12 counselors.

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Speech and Language Therapy in Grades KA-12

The TAS speech-language support pathologists serve students in Lower, Middle, and Upper School in all grades. This program supports and enhances students’ academic and social participation within the school community.

These services are offered after a formal referral process and comprehensive evaluation.  

Areas of Support

Our in-house speech-language pathologists support articulation, voice, fluency, social communication and/or language skills, and collaborate with classroom teachers, school psychologists, academic support teachers, and parents to develop an individualized intervention or learning plan tailored to each child's specific needs.

Students who receive speech-language support learn and practice key communication skills within a safe environment and in the care of highly trained specialists. Support takes place during the school day, and there is no additional fee for speech and language support services at TAS.

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