Library Welcome

Welcome to the Joanna Nichols Memorial Libraries at Taipei American School

In addition to a rich collection of print materials, the libraries include technologies to support new formats for information such as electronic books, audio and video in digital formats, and on-line streaming for educational purposes.

The TAS libraries are the result of a school community that supports the important role of libraries in 21st century learning. Each library is age-appropriate: purposefully designed to appeal in style, color, technologies, and furnishings to the ages of the students that use them. Performance areas in each library serve as gathering spots for celebrations of learning and social events for the entire TAS community. Well used throughout the school day, beyond the school day, and even most weekends, these wonderful libraries are at the center of teaching and learning at Taipei American School.

TAS Library Philosophy
The libraries of Taipei American School are aligned with the overall goals and philosophy of the school.

The libraries are educational environments where individuals find both print and non-print materials. Because of the wealth of information from many sources and the growth of technology, the library supports information problem solving. It does this by collaborating with teacher and students in research project and providing opportunities for many different types of information gathering and processing.

The school libraries are committed to fostering the love of learning and reading in its students.

The libraries' programs evolve from the school curriculum. The libraries offer an array of resources to support the curriculum and provide programs to teach information problem-solving and literature appreciation.

The librarians are trained, qualified professionals. As information specialists, the librarians teach research techniques and computer skills to meet the learning requirements of the school.