Lower School Library

Lower School classes visit the library once or twice each 10-day cycle to explore a dynamic and diverse selection of fiction and nonfiction books. The collection is classified with a language-based system that honors the information-seeking behavior of children while encouraging risk taking and browsing beyond a student’s comfort zone. Library classes and regular library use develop curiosity and information literacy skills that transfer to many areas of the curriculum and everyday life. Two professional librarians work closely with students to offer personalized recommendations and support. The overall library program fosters a mindset to pursue reading for both enjoyment and learning and provides a foundation to continue research in Middle School and beyond. 

Highlights of the Lower School Library:

  • Large library space with distinct sections for Grades KA-2 and 3-5
  • Print collection of 33,000 books -  shaped by curriculum needs, student interests, and community awareness of equity, inclusion, and wellness
  • 3,000 ebooks, audiobooks, and digital magazines in Sora (Overdrive)
  • Online encyclopedias and news articles to support research 
  • Yearly author visits