About the Lower School

Lower school students engage in a world class, rigorous program that focuses on academic and personal excellence. TAS lower school students are ...

Analytical & Creative Thinkers

Students ask meaningful questions, test ideas, accept challenges and solve problems

Complex Communicators

Students use multiple oral and written languages to express ideas clearly

Leaders & Team Members

Students work together to meet goals and resolve conflicts

Literate in the Digital World

Students use digital technologies and multi-media resources to develop and communicate ideas

Global Perspective Takers

Students are open-minded and respectful of the values, views and traditions of others

Ethical Decision Makers

Students demonstrate empathy, honesty and responsibility

Adaptable Risk-Takers

Students are flexible, courageous and creative when facing unfamiliar situations or tasks

Focused on Wellness

Students lead a balanced life and maintain a growth mindset

Adapted from NAIS 21st Century Essential Capacities

Lower School Philosophy

We believe that...

  • All children deserve to be supported and challenged, and are entitled to a positive nurturing environment.
  • Children have different learning styles and developmental rates.
  • Teachers and students share the responsibility for risk taking, problem solving, and decision making.
  • Effective assessment informs instruction and supports learning.
  • We have a responsibility to foster the development of all students socially, emotionally, academically, and physically.
  • Self-care and independence are essential for character development.
  • A great school is child centered with teachers who motivate, facilitate, and guide.
  • An open and cooperative partnership with parents is dependent on effective communication.
  • We are a community of learners.
  • Children are entitled to an education that prepares them for the future.