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TAS Counseling Philosophy

TAS counselors promote all students’ social, emotional, academic, and multicultural competencies in a safe, respectful, and motivating school environment. This is achieved through a collaborative partnership of school personnel, parents, and community with the purpose of preparing all students for wellness, academic success, lifelong learning, and global citizenship.

We believe:

  • Student well-being is at the heart of our educational approach;
  • All students are deserving of a sense of belonging and connection;
  • All students are capable of change and growth;
  • Student success is individually defined and enhanced by one's own unique strengths;
  • It is essential to celebrate diversity in all its forms and to support our students’ development towards an awareness of their personal identities; and
  • Communication between home and school should be collaborative and ongoing.

The lower school counselors have a variety of roles in the school. Initially they introduce new students and their parents to the TAS community by conducting a student orientation program to give new students an opportunity to become familiar with each other and the school environment. They also conduct interviews with children and their families in order to provide the child’s new teacher with some helpful information about the student. They follow up to help with new student adjustment.

During the school year, counselors conduct classroom guidance lessons on topics such as self esteem, problem solving, and interpersonal skills. They visit each classroom once in a ten-day cycle. This provides the students with an opportunity to know their counselor and affords the counselor an opportunity to better know the children.

Counselors help parents by offering varied parent education seminars. In addition, counselors help parents by supporting them in addressing their children’s social and emotional development. They are available throughout the school day to meet with students or their parents when issues or concerns arise.

The lower school counselors also work very closely with the student support services team, which assists students with special learning needs. They act as advocates for students in all academic and social settings throughout the year. They assist teachers to help meet the variety of needs that children have.

Additional counseling services are also available at the Community Services Center.

Meet the Counselors

Jennifer Fisher

Cindy Teeters

Brenda Perkins

Bridget Hall


Meet the Counselors

Cindy Teeters

Counselor Grades 4-5
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