English as an Academic Language

Our Philosophy

EAL students should:

  • be provided with an environment where they feel a sense of belonging while learning to take risks.
  • be challenged to achieve their best through access to the mainstream curriculum.
  • be provided with the support they need in order to be successful in the mainstream classroom.
  • develop learning strategies, monitor their own progress, and learn to accept errors as a natural part of the language-learning process.
  • be exposed to an environment that offers opportunities for children to apply their English language skills outside of the classroom settings.
  • learn about their own culture and other cultures of the world in order to understand themselves and others as unique, multicultural individuals.
  • make the transition from the previous school year while developing academic English language skills.
The Sheltered Immersion Program

The Sheltered Immersion program is based on the belief that EAL students are an integral part of TAS and that their needs are best met in the mainstream classroom with its language-rich environment. EAL students, at all levels of proficiency, are immersed in the mainstream classes at TAS. The primary goal of the EAL program is to develop language skills that will allow children to be successful in their academic work as well as in everyday communication. EAL students at TAS receive language and content support both through direct and indirect means. Direct means include in-class EAL support, out-of-class small group work, and utilizing a variety of co-teaching models so that EAL and mainstream teachers can meet the needs of individual students. Indirect means include EAL and mainstream teacher collaboration, in-service training, and curriculum construction. The sheltered immersion program is, therefore, a collaborative program involving a partnership between mainstream teachers and EAL teachers.

Model of Delivery

Full Immersion: Students' language needs are met by mainstream teachers. No time is scheduled with the EAL teacher.

Grades 1,2 3, 4, and 5

Sheltered Immersion: Students fully participate in the mainstream curriculum and receive support for their language needs from their grade level EAL teacher.

EAL Placement

The language history and education information sections of the application for admission are reviewed. If students have an English background and can use English fluently at an age appropriate level, they are considered as mainstream applicants. If students have a non-English background with limited or no English skills, an assessment of his/her English abilities is required.

EAL screening involves an evaluation of the academic language a student can process and produce. If EAL screening indicates peer competitive English ability, no EAL support will be required. If results indicate that the student is not peer competitive in English, EAL support will be required. Students are monitored throughout the semester by EAL and classroom teachers to determine placement for EAL services at the end of each semester.

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