Grade 2 STEAM activity

 Overview: art

The lower school visual arts program is designed to develop the aesthetic sensitivity, creative potential, and self-esteem present within every child.
Grades K-5

The art curriculum lays foundational skills through exploration, discovery, creativity, and amazement in visual media by teaching art history, art production, art criticism, and aesthetics at a developmentally appropriate level. The program is carefully sequenced to ensure each year builds on the previous year’s skill development and knowledge. At each level the foundational skills of basic drawing techniques, color mixing, principles of design, and critiques are built upon, while integrating STEAM concepts. Learning a design process with these basic art skills gives students the tools, experience, and confidence to develop and present their creative ideas. Students are exposed to a variety of art concepts throughout the year.

Idea Development and Design
Students will develop ideas by planning, researching, sketching, designing, exploring, creating, and revising that provide a rich resource for personal expression. 
Basic Skills and Projects
  1. Painting
  2. Drawing
  3. Ceramics
  4. Printmaking
  5. Digital Art/ 3D printing
  6. Sculpture
  7. Collage
  8. Weaving
  9. Art History