Grade 2 STEAM activity

Overview: Mandarin

The Lower School Mandarin Program is a multi-level language program that educates young global citizens as they develop their Mandarin language proficiency and deepen their appreciation of Chinese culture


Learner Track

The Mandarin Learner Track is for students who study Mandarin as an additional language. The goal of study is to develop language skills in four areas – speaking, listening, reading & writing – with an emphasis on oral proficiency to set students on a course for more advanced Mandarin language study.

Heritage Track

The Mandarin Heritage Track is for students whose first language (or strong additional language) is Mandarin. The goal of study is to develop and enhance students’ overall language proficiency, with the focus on reading and writing abilities.

K-5 Mandarin Flow Chart

Proficiency based courses offered within each track are : Foundation, Grade Level and Advanced.

LF: Learner Foundation

LG: Learner Grade Level

LA: Learner Advanced

HF: Heritage Foundation

HG: Heritage Grade Level

HA: Heritage Advanced