Grade 2 STEAM activity

Overview: Music Program

TAS has a proud reputation of having a fantastic music program. Music is a valued and required part of our lower school program for students from Grades KA through 5.

The lower school music program has two components: General Music classes (Grades KA-5) and Music Activity classes (Grades 3-5). All lower school students have General Music classes. Students in Grades 3-5 also have an additional music class as part of our Music Activity Program (MAP).

General Music classes follow the practices of Orff Schulwerk, an engaging and multisensory approach to teaching music and movement. Through a carefully sequenced KA-5 curriculum and engaging activities, our students develop skills and knowledge of the basic elements of music through experiences with body percussion, speech, singing, recorders, movement, folk dance, drama, and the playing of pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments.

A highlight of the TAS Performing Arts department is our lower school Music Activity Program for students in Grades 3-5. Music Activity classes focus on the development of instrumental or vocal skills and dance through ensemble work and performance. Grade 3 students choose between violin, cello, or Orff Studio class. Grade 4 students choose between violin, cello, or Orff Studio. Grade 5 students choose between Band (trumpet, trombone, flute, or clarinet), Strings (violin, cello, viola, or bass), or Choir/Dance.

For more detailed information about our program please visit our lower school music website.