Grade 2 STEAM activity

Overview: Physical Education

The Lower School physical education program focuses on the development of the whole child by promoting mental, social, emotional, and physical development.

The program is age-appropriate with carefully sequenced skill development in a spirit of cooperation to promote a lifetime of health and wellness.

Core Curriculum: Students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 study units in many areas, including manipulative and general movement, fitness, aquatics, and personal and social development.

Developmentally Appropriate and Sequenced Activities:

  1. Gymnastics: Rolling, tumbling, balancing, landing, climbing, flight
  2. Aquatics: Swimming
  3. Rhythm & Dance: Dance steps, movement to beat, jump rope
  4. Manipulative: Balls, beanbags, hoops, scooters, motor skills
  5. Cooperative Games: Problem solving, teamwork, challenges
  6. Fitness: Cardio-fitness, endurance, strength, flexibility
  7. Movement & Exploration: Personal space, body control, pathways, directions, levels