Grade 2 STEAM activity

Overview: Physical Education

The lower school physical education program focuses on the development of the whole child by promoting mental, social, emotional, and physical development.

The program is age appropriate with carefully sequenced skill development in a spirit of cooperation to promote a lifetime of health and wellness.

Core Curriculum: Students in kindergarten through Grade 5 study units in many areas, including manipulative and general movement, fitness, aquatics, and personal and social development.

Developmentally Appropriate and Sequenced Activities:

  1. Gymnastics: Rolling, tumbling, balancing, landing, climbing, flight
  2. Aquatics: Swimming
  3. Rhythm & Dance: Dance steps, movement to beat, jump rope
  4. Manipulative: Balls, beanbags, hoops, scooters, motor skills
  5. Cooperative Games: Problem solving, teamwork, challenges
  6. Fitness: Cardio-fitness, endurance, strength, flexibility
  7. Movement & Exploration: Personal space, body control, pathways, directions, levels