Dance for Kindness

The Character Code

A middle school character education initiative created for our students, by our students!

Part of the TAS mission is to cultivate an enduring commitment to learning, personal well-being, and service. According to the research of character expert and multi-award winner Dr. Michele Borba, children need explicit and intentional teaching, along with multiple opportunities to practice before the habits of living as a caring and moral individual are set. Our students spend at least 40 hours per week at school, making it the ideal time and place to learn and practice those habits.

The middle school intentional character education program began with students creating and signing The Character Code. This recently developed document represents the rights and responsibilities of students. Its purpose is to clearly establish the character traits we work to achieve as individuals and as a community of learners. It is based upon the five TAS values of honesty, respect, responsibility, kindness, and courage. Middle school homeroom teachers facilitated the introduction and signing of the Code and will continue to follow through with weekly guided, moral discussions and activities. The Character Code is printed in every student agenda and posted on every classroom wall.