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Our Middle School Curriculum Guide

The Middle School curriculum is designed to offer opportunity and choice for all kinds of learners, interests, and skill levels. With a wide array of required and elective class offerings—from visual to performing arts, from music to world languages, from robotics to debate to much more—our students can thrive on whatever path they choose.
Our students enjoy eight classes per day and a dynamic schedule from day to day, experiencing a considerable amount of variety in their daily learning. They mix with many educators and a wide range of peers, thereby forming an incredible number of relationships from positive working relationships to joyful friendships.

A Wealth of Experiences

Each child in the Middle School will experience courses from our ten curricular areas, all of which have been intentionally developed to meet the needs of emerging adolescents. The goal is to feed their interests, help discover their passions, and build their strengths as they transition from Lower School and enter this crucial stage of their academic and personal development. With this in mind, our Middle School program creates students who are confident, curious, and ready for their next adventure at TAS.
We invite you to explore the Middle School curriculum and the individual course descriptions available to students.

Middle School Curriculum Overviews

Middle School Classes

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