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Art & Innovation

Mission Statement for Art + Innovation, Grades 6-8

Art + Innovation takes a fresh look at art-making by introducing new materials, new ideas, new technology, and by creating an atmosphere of wider possibilities in methods of construction, problem-solving, and team building


Program Courses

Grade 6

The curriculum is designed with one primary objective: to help students become independent and creative learners at the beginning of their middle school experience. Throughout this one-year course, students learn strategies for creating engaging artworks. In semester one, we introduce principles of design, contemporary topics for art-making, history of art, and how to come up with good ideas. In semester two, students create long-term projects using the Engineering Design Process, a five-step process for making independent ideas come to life through materials.

Grade 7

This quarter-long class is designed to further build confidence in visual language as a life-long skill. Learning digital photography, Photoshop, and Printmaking is the primary emphasis in this class, allowing students to develop particular skills to tell their stories.

Grade 8

This quarter-long class is like a strategic game: students are divided up into two groups focused on 2D and 3D creations. They quickly learn how to build objects devoted to a particular viewpoint (2D or 3D). Perspective is better developed and a sense of group ownership helps collaboration happen more easily. This is also the time that students learn more about the upper school art program.

Additional opportunities:
  • All students are strongly encouraged to participate in art competitions. The Scholastic Art Awards are for Grades 7 and 8 only.
  • We encourage students to take summer art classes and can advise as needed.
  • We collaborate with the Texas Rangers restaurant nearby to show selected student artwork.
  • The Art Garden is an ongoing, long-term project. Students are welcome to participate in watering and caring for plants and fish at any point in the year.
  • RAD Club is a club run by Mr. Joel. It helps students learn about design using 3D modeling software and 3D printing.
  • Kiva Club is run by Mr. Reyes. It is a club devoted to learning about investment and financial strategies, with an emphasis on microloans.

Middle School Brochure