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TAS Middle School EAL Program

Accommodating English language learners in the Middle school is achieved through a sheltered immersion program. At each grade level, EAL students are divided into two levels, according to language proficiency:


Pull-Out (Advanced Beginning – Intermediate):


Push-In (High Intermediate – Advanced)

EAL students in both Pull Out and Push In receive focused instruction in the areas of grammar, vocabulary, spelling, composition, and academic reading skills. At every grade level, an EAL teacher coordinates with the core subject teachers to ensure that EAL students develop a solid language foundation in order to adjust well socially and to achieve academic success in the Middle School and beyond.

EAL Pull Out Program EAL Push In Program
Overview Pull Out students meet with an EAL teacher daily in sheltered English and sheltered History, which are classes that mirror mainstream English and History. They also receive additional language support four times in each six-day cycle. Push In students attend all mainstream classes and, instead of taking a foreign language class, they meet with an EAL teacher for academic and English language support.
English and History

Students take sheltered English and sheltered History classes, which mirrors the curriculum of the mainstream English and History.

EAL teachers use various instructional strategies (e.g. scaffolding and differentiation) to help students understand the mainstream curricular content and meet the same standards.

Schedule: One period of each every day

Push In students take all mainstream core classes, but their progress continues to be monitored by EAL teachers and counselors

Push In students receive narrative reports (detailed feedback) from EAL teachers in the middle of each semester.

Language Support Pull Out Support Class

Receive support in content areas

Focus on specific language learning needs

Schedule: 4 periods in each 6-day cycle

This class takes the place of the World Language.

Push In Support Class

Receive support in content areas

Continue to develop academic reading and writing skills

Schedule: 4 periods in each 6-day cycle

This class takes the place of the World Language.

Middle School Brochure