Our English program firmly rests on the foundational pillars of writing, reading, and oral expression competency that are necessary for solid language development.

The Middle School further develops the English language acquisition initiated in the Lower School. Writing is a key component of the middle school English program and students will experience writing in various genres - short story, poetry, or memoir - but mainly focus on informative and expository forms. In order for middle school students to have a common language regarding writing, the English program utilizes the six traits: voice, organization, ideas, sentence fluency, word choice, and conventions. Communicating critical thinking and logical development of thought into a clear and organized written form is a cornerstone expectation of the middle school English program.

Congruently, writers must read; therefore, reading for middle school students is the second key element of English competency addressed by the program. Developing the skill of literature analysis is essential in our middle school English program. Reading helps students generate more ideas and opinions that enrich what they have to say while developing effective habits of comprehension. Reading serves as a model to improve student vocabulary, sentence structure, and grammar. Analysis of the middle school literature and texts encourages students to grapple with complex philosophical ideals and create personal connections with the world.

Students will not only demonstrate reading comprehension through writing, but through small and large group discussion. Subsequently, these ideas and analysis will be more formally conveyed in various oral presentations that exhibit articulate, professional, and expressive English language acquisition.

The middle school student experiences an English program that rigorously develops the essential language acquisition skills that thoroughly prepare students for academic success.

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