Student Support

Student Support Services


Academic Support is a highly individualized class that is based entirely on the educational needs of each student. This class focuses on writing skills, active reading strategies for improved understanding, test preparation, meta-cognition, planning, time management strategies and note-taking skills. The instruction coincides with assigned core coursework and provides support for specific course objectives. In most cases, parental permission, individual evaluation and implementation of either an Individualized Education Plan, Student Learning Plan or Individualized Accommodation Plan are required for participation in this course. Speech and Language services may also be a part of the class in certain cases.


The speech and language program is designed to provide support to students who have speech and/or language learning deficits. Services, provided by qualified specialists, include identification and remediation of students’ speech and language needs.

The area of speech comprises oral motor skills, articulation or pronunciation, fluency, and voice. The area of language includes vocabulary, grammar, meanings of sentences, pragmatic skills, language organization, and thinking or reasoning skills on which students depend heavily to achieve academic success in all subject areas. Students receive services individually or in small groups. Speech and language specialists collaborate with teachers and parents to address students’ specific needs. Parental permission is required for evaluation and implementation of the Individualized Educational Plan.

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