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The Mandarin program at TAS divides courses into a Heritage track and Foreign Language Track. Within the Heritage track, there are three levels: Foundation level, Grade level and Advanced level. The Heritage track develops reading and writing proficiency using a variety of high-interest and authentic materials. The Foreign Language track focuses on daily life and familiar topics in order to develop listening and speaking skills while, at the same time, building a solid foundation in reading and writing. The learning environment for both tracks is rigorous and challenging but enjoyable and engaging at the same time. New students are placed at the appropriate level by the Middle School Mandarin Coordinator and Mandarin teachers.

Mandarin Course Descriptions



The middle school Spanish program gives students the opportunity to study the second most widely spoken language in the United States. Using authentic materials and interactive, engaging lessons, students will acquire a solid foundation of beginning language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students in the Spanish program will also improve their cultural knowledge and understanding of Spanish-speaking communities around the world. The learning environment is designed to be both enjoyable and effective, using age-appropriate learning tools and activities including songs, videos, simulated skits, and plenty of authentic communicative exercises. Students with prior experience studying Spanish will be given a placement test in order to determine the most appropriate class for their current language level.

Spanish Course Descriptions

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