In addition to our rigorous academic core, our Middle School offers a dynamic co-curricular program that includes sports, arts, robotics, community service, student government, and much more.

Welcome to the Middle School at TAS.  It is here that we help kids become independent, resilient and adaptable learners as well as supporting them to be caring, thoughtful, and kind people.

The Middle School serves over 609 students from an array of nationalities in Grades 6, 7, and 8. Keeping best practice at the forefront of our middle school decisions, we offer a broad range of exploratory, language, and music courses in addition to a rigorous academic core. The co-curricular program includes a variety of sports, fine and performing arts, clubs, service organizations, Model United Nations, robotics, student government, and more. Each grade level also attends a week long outdoor education program to begin the school year – Camp Taiwan – establishing relationships between and among adults and students that advances both academic and effective student development, quality teaching, and a supportive school environment.

Mr. Josh Budde


Mr. Gary Pettigrew
Associate Principal
Ms. Megan Pettigrew
Associate Principal