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The Tech Cube Program

The state-of-the-art Solomon Wong Tech Cube building for robotics, computer science, and engineering opened for schoolwide use in SY 2018-2019 and, since then, technological learning on our campus has exploded. This incredible facility has established Taipei American School as the center for KA-12 STEAM excellence in the Asia-Pacific region.

But the Tech Cube is more than a building; it's a schoolwide learning program and mindset that all Tigers have embraced.

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The Sky is the Limit 

Inspired by the MIT Media Lab, the Solomon Wong Tech Cube provides the canvas for 21st century learning that gives TAS students the necessary skills and experience they need to make a real difference in the world. The 4,380 square meters of flexible and creative space provides unique opportunities for all of our students. 

Full STEAM Ahead

Because every child deserves a solid foundation in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

By the Numbers

Our students win a lot of hardware for their hard and soft STEAM skills and projects — but that's not what motivates them or their teachers. While external accomplishments are appreciated, our Tech Cube program places a greater emphasis on learning from failure than it does traditional forms of "success."


TAS teams have won 30+ FRC Awards including Winning 12 "Blue Banners" at FIRST Robotics Competitions. 


A TAS team has qualified for the FRC world championship every year for the last 13 years. 


All students take STEAM-related courses in Lower, Middle and Upper School, including a computer science & robotics course graduation requirement.


TAS was the first FRC team in all the East and Southeast Asia region, and our students have helped start 36 robotics teams in Taiwan. 


This is the 13th year that TAS will host its annual Vex Formosa International Robotics Competition, which includes teams from all around the world. 


In the Tech Cube, students organize outreach events to enhance island-wide STEM education, and our teams have received the FRC Chairmans/Impact award four times for their significant contributions.

In Their Own Words

“ The secret to our Tech Cube’s success is that our program isn’t actually about robots. Robotics is just a great way to reach a diverse group of students through a topic they’re intrinsically excited about. Really, the program is about creative problem-solving, working collaboratively, and finding your unique value on a team. Growth in these areas is based fundamentally on being able to fail openly and productively. Nothing amazing is ever achieved without failure as an essential component. Creating an environment where students feel comfortable experimenting and failing, and where the outcomes are unknown creates an opportunity for rapid growth as an engineer and as a person. And the confidence that comes from this process will be an asset to our students throughout their whole lives. 

Matt Fagen

Director of the Tech Cube

“ No matter the specifics of the course – be it coding, engineering, digital design, or fabrication – I've observed students tackling open-ended problems that demand solutions. This iterative journey involves numerous attempts, and witnessing adolescents analyze their failures while adapting their approaches is truly remarkable.

Becky Maguire

MS STEAM Coordinator

“ Through a constructionist approach to education, our STEAM program provides a framework for students to design, experiment, build and invent as they deeply engage in math, science, engineering and technology. Computer programming, making and physical computing are paving the way for endless inquiry and cross-curricular integration. 

Alfedo Papaseit

Lower School Technology Coach

“ Working with STEAM in the lower school is a rewarding and enriching experience for me and my students. We have a modern and well-resourced facility that allows us to explore STEAM projects in a fun and engaging way. My students discover the wonders of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics through hands-on activities involving robotics, engineering and design, physical computing, and more. They also develop vital skills for the future, such as creative and critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. I am proud to be a part of the STEAM team in the Tech Cube, where we inspire and empower young learners to become innovators and leaders. 

Jen Kagohara

Lower School Technology & Design Coach

Did You Know?

The Solomon Wong Tech Cube received an Honorable Mention in Architectural Design for Educational Buildings from The Architecture MasterPrize (AMP) organization.

Winners are selected by a jury of architects and leaders in the architecture world for single projects created in the last five years for individuals and teams.

Did You Know?

The design of open spaces within the Tech Cube works not only as a classroom but more like a lab or a factory to let the students practice their ideas in a realistic environment.

Our Tech Cube was intentionally designed to embrace flexibility. Its design is always changing internally with the needs of our students and teachers.

Did You Know?

Taipei American School broke ground for the historic construction of this facility on March 2, 2017. Board members, administrators, major donors, faculty, staff, students, parents, and members of the wider community joined together in marking this celebratory occasion.

TAS Board Chairperson (at the time), Ms. Tina Koo, addressed the crowd, “One of the jobs of the Board is to look into the future. We are to never settle for what is, but to always concentrate on what could be… We are fortunate to have an administration with whom we can do just that and The Tech Cube is the result of this vision and type of work.”

Did You Know?

Our Tech Cube program isn't just for students; it's for the entire family!

Each year, TAS hosts "Extreme STEAM" events for families to collaborate with each other while exploring science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics challenges. Each challenge is thoughtfully designed by our employees to provide challenges for all ages and abilities.

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