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Learning in the Upper School

Expansive Opportunities, Extraordinary Results

When young adults partner with world-class faculty, incredible things happen.


Healthy Perspectives, Joyful Learners

In the Upper School, we support student balance, exploration, and community. We encourage our students to make good choices and take healthy risks, to keep a perspective on their lives and their learning journeys, and to take time to enjoy their families, their communities, and their classes.

Through student advisory, Personal and Academic Counseling, and grade-level bonding experiences, our students receive holistic support as they navigate the freedom and responsibilities of life as an Upper School student.

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A Balanced Perspective

Hear from Ms. Becky Read, Upper School Principal, about the perspective behind the student experience in the Upper School.


Upper School Curriculum

Find Your Purpose

Whether students opt for dynamic and engaging courses designed by expert educators at TAS, Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses, the AP Capstone program, or the full IB Diploma, there are virtually hundreds of course combinations available when crafting a four-year academic experience at TAS. 

Students have the choice to pursue an International Baccalaureate diploma, Advanced Placement courses (including the AP Capstone Certificate and AP Capstone Diploma), a mix of IB/AP, or to receive an American High School diploma.

With 200+ courses available for students in Grades 9–12, including independent research and courses offered by Global Online Academy, we are proud to offer a varied curriculum complemented by an activities and athletics program that includes over 100 student-led clubs and more than twenty athletic teams.

While our program is as flexible as it is rigorous, students who engage deeply with their academic and personal development are fully prepared for their next steps beyond Taipei American School.

Explore the Upper School Curriculum


A world of choice

Discover our AP & IB Classes

Challenging and engaging courses

Personal and Academic Counseling

Support for the Whole Child

In Upper School, counseling services focus on proactive and individualized planning, to help students make informed choices during their Upper School years.

The Personal and Academic Counselors offer individual appointments, group meetings, and parent workshops to meet the full spectrum of needs faced by students and their families. These events take place regularly throughout the school year, and all families are encouraged to attend!

Counselors operate in three domains: academic and emotional support, planning for life after TAS, and personal and emotional support.

Counselors in the Upper School stay with a grade level over multiple years, forming deep relationships with the students they advise and their parents.

College Counseling

Many Paths to University

Under the guidance of a team of seasoned college counselors, our students work to find their best-fit universities, in alignment with their goals, their passions, and their inner sense of purpose. Students receive individual support from their dedicated College Counselor, in addition to college counseling classes that begin in the fall of Grade 11.

Following our comprehensive college counseling process, our students receive acceptance into leading global universities, including Ivy League establishments and esteemed schools across Europe, Asia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

Learn more about College Counseling

Graduates of Taipei American School sitting at the graduation ceremony

Transforming passion into purpose

See our College Profile

Celebrating the Class of 2023

Building an Inclusive Community

Advisory and Beyond

In the Upper School, our advisory classes meet weekly to intentionally build a welcoming and safe environment where students build strong and caring relationships with each other and their advisors. As students and advisors come together to discuss important topics and lessons related to well-being, these strong relationships give students the confidence to share their thoughts, perspectives, and ask questions knowing their input is valued.

Lessons on Wellbeing

During Advisory, students dig into well-being lessons on topics such as mental health, wellness, anxiety, gratitude, and self-care; all of which touch on behaviors that influence mental health for students like sleep, stress, anxiety, relationships, competition, possible warning signs of low mental health, and resources. These lessons also address topics like: what is self-care, how and when to ask for help, and why we don’t ask for help. All of our students become CPR Certified during the school year.

Celebrating Student Life

In the Upper School, our students gather to celebrate their community in so many ways. From Spirit Days and class celebrations to opportunities for students to get to know each other led out by our Office of Student Life, to over 100 student clubs, there are so many ways that our students enjoy life at Taipei American School.

The Arts, Athletics, and Student-Led Clubs

From the stage and the studio to the court and the computer, Upper School students have hundreds of extra-curricular activities to choose from each year. With opportunities that complement curricular learning, to the pure exploration of a new cause, skill, or idea, students can choose to deepen their interests or try new things while making new friends. See the myriad ways that student life at TAS is enriched by these programs below.

The Arts


Tiger Athletics


Activities & Clubs


Learning Support

Academic support is offered in Grades KA-12,  along with speech/language support in Grades K-12. Each program serves students with mild learning differences, with the goal of enabling every child in the program to thrive at TAS. English as an Additional Language support is not offered in Upper School.

Learning Support


Services Offered at TAS


Meet the Upper School Admin Team

Upper School Admin Team, Dr. Evelyn Chen, Dr. Jill Fagen, and Becky Read

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