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Reach out > Annual Events

Fall Semester

  • New Student Orientation:
    This event occurs the day before the first day of school and involves introductions to administrators, games, activities, a campus tour, and a Q & A session.
  • After School Social:
    Our first social occurs on the first Friday on the first week of school. Students come together for fun games and activities and they spend time getting to know each other. There are several other social gatherings throughout the school year designed to help students stay connected to other new students in the community.
  • Exam Packs:
    Buddies and new students get together every December to make 900 exam packs for the entire upper school student body before the semester exams. These packs include items like stress balls, snacks, pens, bubble wraps, and an exam schedule. Buddies and new students then hand these out to each student the week before exams.

Spring Semester

  • New Student Orientation:
    In January we welcome new students at the beginning of semester two as well. Our New Student Orientation occurs the day before the first day of classes and involves a campus tour and introductions to administrators and teachers.
  • After School Social:
    This event takes place on the first Friday on the first week of school. New students and buddies come together for fun games and activities, and they spend time getting to know each other.
  • Sunflower Sale to raise funds for a local charity:
    REACH OUT buddies sell sunflowers every March in order to support a community organization.
  • Celebration/Donation:
    Every April as we wrap up the year-long program, REACH OUT buddies get together to share their experiences, give their monetary donation to the community organization, and share food to celebrate a year well-done.