The College Process

Of the many elements of the College Process at the Taipei American School, the major parts are Self-Assessment, College Search, Application for Admission, and Transition to College. The overall goal of the College Process is to help each student develop the skills and confidence to identify, gain admission to, and adapt successfully to independent life at an institution that is a good match for him or her. For this reason, TAS emphasizes throughout the process that students “take ownership” and do everything they can for themselves – taking advantage where necessary of help and support from the College Counseling Office.

For each TAS student, the College Process has general elements as well as issues and conversations that perhaps only one person considers and experiences. It starts in January of the junior year with an introductory session that helps the student to get to know his or her College Counselor and to start taking ownership of a process that can lead to extraordinary places, opportunities, and growth. The process widens and deepens as students research and discuss with the College Counselor what they are learning and what they seek to understand better or learn more about. TAS College Counselors are excited about their role in supporting that journey.